Presenter Technology Questionnaire

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Presenter Technology Needs Questionaire

What Is A Presenter Technology Questionnaire?

A presenter questionnaire is a document that aids in thoroughly understanding the audio/visual requirements of your presenters.

Advanced A/V Rentals has developed a fillable questionnaire that asks pertinent questions in regard to the presentation technology needs of a presenter. Once completed by the presenter, the form can be saved and distributed to the conference coordinator or directly to the event production company. This questionnaire ensures that your presenters have the audio/visual resources they need for a successful presentation.

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Why Use A Presenter Technology Questionnaire?

  • Accurately Collect Presenter Requirements
    • By providing an easy to complete form that can be completed and returned to the conference coordinator or the audio/visual production company you can ensure that you have the most accurate snapshot of presenter technology requirements.
  • A Better Experience
    • Providing the right tools for a successful presentation is the key to the best experience for both the presenter and the audience.
  • Maintain Credibility
    • A presentation free of last minute surprises is the best way to produce a smooth show. A smooth show is the best way to demonstrate superior conference coordination.

Presenter Audio/Visual Request Form

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