Event Production Cue Sheet

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Event Production Cue Sheet

What Is A Cue Sheet?

An event production cue sheet is a simple document that lays out your expectations as to how the show is to flow from a technical standpoint. A cue sheet includes the major elements of a production and accurately conveys what is expected of the audio/visual team in an easy to understand way.

Why Use A Cue Sheet For A Conference?

  • Accurately Convey Your Expectations
    • A simple way to ensure you and your production team are on the same page is to speak the same language.
  • Execute A Flawless Event
    • With the entire team working from the same document, you can guarantee the highest probability of a smooth event.
  • Maintain Credibility
    • Because nothing ruins the credibility of a conference and its organizers more quickly than missed cues and technical difficulties.

Corporate Event Production

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