Wireless Hand Held Mic Rental

Shure Wireless Hand Held Microphone
Shure Wireless Reciever Back
Shure Wireless Half Wave Antenna

Rental Includes

  • Shure SLX4 Wireless Receiver
  • Shure SLX2 Wireless Hand Held Mic (SM58)
  • Wind Screen
  • 1/2 Wave Antennas
  • Required Cables
  • Road Case


The Shure SLX4 with Hand Held Mic Wireless System has XLR and 1/4-Inch output. The wireless hand held mic itself is a Shure SM58 cartridge with wireless capability.


Designed as a vocal microphone this mic gives great sound without requiring the presenter or performer to be tethered. The Metal and foam windscreen that screws onto to the mic reduces unwanted noise but windscreens are available to nullify any popping or wind noise. When multiple wireless mics are in use we carry a Distribution Systems for both power and antenna signal pick-up reducing cutouts and overlaps in the wireless mic signal.

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