Source 4 Leko Conventional Light Fixture Rental

ETC Source 4
ETC Ellipsodial Lenses
Roscoe Gels

Rental Includes

  • ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture
  • Multiple Lens Options Available
  • Color Filter/Gel Holder
  • Lighting Clamp or Base
  • Edison Power Connection
  • Rosco Color Filter/Gels Available


The ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Fixture is a stage lighting fixture with a punch. Our lekos have multiple lens options as well as 575 watt to 750 watt lamp options. Gobo holders and Rosco gels are also available, please inquire.


Perfect for stage lighting, whether it be spotting or washing the Leko Source 4 Ellipsoidal fixture is the industry standard when it comes to theatrical lighting. Able to project static gobos and accept color filters the Source 4 stage lighting rental can be configured to your theatrical lighting application.

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